The Records Division is divided into three categories: Civil Process, Telecommunicators and division adminstrative assistants.  All of the employees in the Records Division are non-sworn civilian adminstrative staff that is tasked with a vast array of duties.  This division is overseen by Major Ryan Dawson.
The Civil Process employees are responsible for processing civil papers, executions, subpoenas, court orders, domestic violence orders, carry conceal permits, court orders and other duties.
The telecommunicators assigned to this division are responsible for processing incident reports, arrest reports, warrants, DCI entries, NCIC entries, pistol permits, wanted persons and criminal history checks.
The Concealed Weapons Clerk is assigned to process all new and renewal CCW permits that are submitted to this office.  This position is funded from fees collected as part of the CCW application instead of tax payer funding.
The administrative staff assigned to this division are assigned to support other divisions within the Sheriff's Office including:
          One administrative assistant is assigned to assist the Sheriff and       
          Major of Administration with personnel processing and financial
          bookkeeping of office budget funds. 
          One secretary is assigned to assist the Detective Division with
          investigation records, sex offender monitoring, criminal records
          checks, intelligence gathering and maintaining pawn
          One secretary is assigned to assist the Detention Center administration
          with finanical bookkeeping for housing out of county inmates, criminal
          records checks and other assigned duties.
Admin. Asst to the Sheriff

(252) 559-6100 ext. 6108

Civil Processing Clerks

(252) 559-6100 ext. 6121 or 6123

Reports Processing Clerk

(252) 559-6100 ext. 5070


Gun Permits Clerk

(252) 559-6100 ext. 6106


Concealed Weapons Clerk

(252) 559-6100 ext. 2075