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How can I get a copy of an incident report?

The Records Division will gladly provide you with a copy of your incident report.    You can come to the Lenoir County Sheriff's Office Monday through Friday, 8 am - 5 pm to pick up a report or you can complete a report request form online. To order an incident report online, CLICK HERE




How long does it take to recieve a pistol permit?

Once you have completed you pistol permit application, our Records Division staff must complete a full background check and mental health check for you.  Once this is completed, a member of the administrative staff will review your application and criminal history to consider approval of you permit.  This process usually takes less than two weeks.  You will be notified when you permit is ready for pick up.



How long does it take to receive a CCW permit?


The process for obtaining a CCW permit is fairly lengthy.  Once you have completed your application and provided the required information and submitted to fingerprinting, our records division staff must complete a full background check and mental health check for you. 


By general statute, the Sheriff has 45 days to approve or deny a CCW after all mental health records have been returned to our office.  Due to the time it takes to receive the mental health records, this process takes approximately 1-3 months to consider approval of your permit.  You will be notified by phone and email of approval or denial of you permit.



How can I change my address on my Concealed Weapon Permit?

First - you must change your address on your Driver's License to reflect your new address.  Once you have your new drivers license with the correct address in your possession, you must visit the Sheriff's Office in person to complete the change of address forms. 


The Change of address must be completed in the County with All inmates can list up to five people that they would like to be approved to visit them while in the custody of the Lenoir County Sheriff.   Inmates are allowed one-fifteen minute visit per week.  This visit can be divided by up to two different people.  If you name is on the approved list, you can visit the inmate on one of the following visitation days:


When are can I visit an inmate?

Inmates are only allowed to visit with their Attorneys.   



Can I send an inmate property?

You can not send an inmate property.  Inmates have financial accounts established upon entry to the detention center.  Inmates can use money in their accounts to purchase snacks, paper, envelopes, stamps, toiletries, undergarments' and other items from a commissary store.  You can provide money to an inmate in their account by coming to the LCSO Detention Center and depositing money into the inmates' account through the use of an electronic kiosk that accepts US Currency or Debit/Credit cards.  In addition, you can go online and deposit money into an inmates account through a debit/credit card by clicking HERE


You can send an inmate a book.  The book must be ordered from a retail or printing company and MUST be sent by mail from a reputable book distributor.  No books will be accepted from an individual.  Our detention facility does not allow any pornographic material or material that could compromise the security of our facility such as books that promote violence, gang activity or aggressive behavior.  All reading material must be in paperback form and is subject to review by detention center staff before being provided to the inmate.


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