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 Lieutenant Vim Sinhal 

   Support Services Supervisor 

 (252) 559-6100 ext. 6104

 The Support Services Division includes Civil Process, Court Security, School Resource Officer Program and the Reserve Deputy Program.  The Support Services Division is lead by one Captain, with assistance of two sergeants that oversee daily operations of the Civil, Court and School Resource Officers.
The Court Services Unit of the LCSO is assigned to maintain security at the Lenoir County Courthouse, Courtrooms and the Department of Social Services.  These deputies are assigned daily to maintain order in District and Superior courts that occur in the Lenoir County Courthouse.  The court security deputies transport pretrial detainees from the Detention Center for their scheduled court appearances.
The Civil Process Unit of the LCSO is responsible for serving all civil process papers sent to the Sheriff.  These include civil summons, subpoenas, writs, summary ejectments, executions and court orders.  The Child Support Enforcement Deputy works to enforce all Lenoir County Child Support Orders. 
The LCSO has five school resource officers who are assigned to the following schools within Lenoir County.  
  • Contentnea / Savannah Middle School
  • Woodington Middle School
  • E.B. Frink Middle School
  • North Lenoir High School
  • South Lenoir High School
These SRO's attempt to maintain a safe learning environment for the next generation of leaders who attend Lenoir County Public Schools.  These deputies work to enforce any criminal violation and also act as a role model and counselor to teens who are in need of guidance or support for any situation that a student can present.
The Sheriff employs part time Deputy Sheriff's who are fully certified law enforcement officers in NC.  These deputies have full powers of deputies when on duty.  All of these deputies have worked full time as a law enforcement officer at a time in their career and continue to train and maintain their proficiency just as full time deputies.  These deputies assist the operations of the Sheriff's Office by assisting with transports, court security, service of civil process and other assignments. 


  • $30.00 (each individual or corporation in an action initiated in NC)
  • $50.00 (each individual or corporation in an action initiated out of state)



Money Orders, Cashiers' Check and Official Law Firm Checks are accepted.  Do not mail cash.  Cash will only be accepted in person.  Personal Checks are not accepted.  Money Orders and Checks should be made payable to Lenoir County Sheriff’s Office.
Lenoir County Sheriff’s Office
Records Division
P.O. Box 3289
Kinston, NC 28502  
In order to evict someone, you must complete the following steps:
  • Obtain a magistrate summons / complaint in summary ejectment from the Clerk of Court in Lenoir County. 
  • The Clerk's Office will set a court date for Summary Ejectments within seven days of the date of issuance.
  • You will then bring the summons to the Sheriff's Office for Service.  You must provide a stamped envelope.
  • You will attend the Small claims court hearing and if the tenant is ordered evicted, they will have 10 days to vacate the property.
  • In order for the Sheriff's Office to remove a tenant, a Writ of Possession for Real Property is necessary.
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