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Senate Bill 41, Guarantee 2nd Amendment Freedom and Protections.


Effective 03/29/2023, pistol purchase permits will no longer be issued by any sheriff in North Carolina. The Lenoir County Sheriff’s Office has stopped processing pistol purchase permit applications, including pending applications.

All state laws regarding the issuance of pistol purchase permits by sheriffs in North Carolina were repealed Wednesday morning following a vote by the General Assembly to override Gov. Roy Cooper’s veto of Senate Bill 41, Guarantee 2nd Amendment Freedom and Protections.

This means any person who wants to purchase or transfer a handgun in North Carolina no longer has to apply to the sheriff for a pistol purchase permit. However, any person who wants to purchase a handgun through a firearms dealer will still undergo the background check required under current law and either be sold the handgun or denied sale if the background check indicates the person is disqualified from possessing a firearm.

Criminal penalties still apply for anyone that knowingly transfers a handgun to a person who may not lawfully possess the firearm (such as a convicted felon). Therefore, it is important for citizens to remember that anyone wishing to obtain or transfer any firearm, including a handgun, must still comply with federal and state laws governing who may lawfully possess a firearm.

It is important to understand that N.C. concealed handgun laws have NOT changed. Any person residing in Lenoir County wishing to carry a concealed handgun in N.C. must still apply for and be issued a concealed handgun permit by the sheriff.

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