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Captain Christy Smith  

 Investigations Division Supervisor   (252) 559-6100 ext. 6110


The Investigations Division is responsible for follow up on all reported felony crimes that have occurred in Lenoir County.  In addition, these detectives are responsible for initiating proactive felony investigations into any information or tips that are given to the Lenoir County Sheriff's Office about person, property and narcotics crimes.

This division is lead by the Captain of Detectives who is responsible for overseeing the Criminal Investigations Unit, Narcotics Investigation Unit, Community Crime Reduction Team (CCRT), Crime Scene Unit and the Evidence Custodian.  This division is comprised of 14 highly trained detectives, 4 deputies and one detective secretary. 

The Criminal Investigations Unit investigates all reported property, person, financial and computer crimes that occur in Lenoir County.  Detectives from the Criminal Investigations Unit are specially trained in Death Investigations, Advanced Criminal Investigations, Interview Techniques, detailed report writing and many other specialties.

The Narcotics Investigations Unit investigates all reported narcotics violations.  This unit is primarily proactive in identified suspected illegal narcotics dealers where they then attempt to build a state or federal case against the suspect for the sale or production of illegal narcotics.  The narcotics investigations unit works closely with the DEA, ICE an ATF to investigate these drug violations that occur in Lenoir County.

The Crime Scene Unit is responsible for processing collected evidence and major crime scenes for all identifiable items such as hair, blood, fingerprints and DNA to assist in the identification of suspects in crimes.  The Crime Scene Unit also performs some technology forensic services on seized evidence.  The Lenoir County Sheriff's Office uses AFIS technology to identify persons arrested to build databases of persons who have committed crimes or been arrested in Lenoir County. 

The Lenoir County Sheriff's Office has a dedicated evidence custodian that is responsible for all oversight and storage of seized evidence collected by deputy sheriff's during their investigations.  This person is also responsible for overseeing all orders for destruction of evidence after a case is concluded.


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