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  Captain Chris Russell

   Patrol Division Supervisor   (252) 559-6100 ext. 6105







The Patrol Division of the Lenoir County Sheriff's Office is responsible for answering all 911 emergency calls dispatched to the Lenoir County Sheriff's Office.  Each Shift is comprised of five deputies who serve different zones of Lenoir County.  Each shift has one Lieutenant and Sergeant to provide leadership and oversight to the patrol deputies.  The first line of crime enforcement is our patrol division deputies.

The deputies assigned to the patrol division are specially trained in areas such as radar, domestic violence and firearms.   These deputies also active work to enforce traffic, drug and criminal law violations.  Patrol deputies perform driver license checking stations to assure compliance with North Carolina's driver license laws.  Deputies are also assigned advance equipment such as alcosensors, window tint meters, in car computers, rifles and shotguns.

The Lenoir County Sheriff's Office is also the primary law enforcement agency for the Town of LaGrange through contracted services.  The Lenoir County Sheriff's Office has 9 deputies who are stationed at the LaGrange Division Patrol Office located on Railroad Street in LaGrange.  There are two deputies per shift assigned to the patrol division exclusively to work inside the town limits of LaGrange.  The LaGrange division is supervised by a lieutenant who oversees all deputies assigned to the LaGrange Division and is the primary Sheriff's Office contact for deputies for LaGrange.  In his absence, these deputies fall under the direction of the Patrol Division Shift Lieutenant.

The patrol division also encompasses the canine unit of the Sheriff's Office.  The Lenoir County Sheriff's Office has four canines assigned to various shifts that assist with locating property, narcotics detection, tracking of fugitives and officer protection.