The LCSO Special Response Team (SRT) is the Sheriff's highly trained team of deputies that are tasked with handling the highest risk situations that our Office faces.  This team is comprised of 13 volunteer deputies who have been specially trained in special weapons and tactics to handle situation such as:
         Hostage Rescue
         Barricaded Subjects
         High Risk Search Warrants
         High Risk Arrest Warrants
         Search and Rescue
         High Risk Court Security
         High Risk Transports
         Marijuana Eradication
These deputies agree to be "on-call" 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for these incidents.  In addition, SRT deputies may be called upon to assist other Sheriff's Offices who do not have teams trained to handle these situations. 
The Lenoir County Sheriff's Office has lost only one deputy in the line of duty which occurred during an SRT operation on April 8, 2009.  During this incident, SRT Senior Operator Allen Pearson along with other SRT operators were attempting to arrest a subject who was firing upon deputies and residents in the Tick Bite community in the Grifton area of Lenoir County.  Pearson was assigned to the arrest team who confronted the suspect to attempt to arrest him.  The suspect fired at deputies and Pearson was fatally wounded.   Pearson was a dedicated member of the SRT and will always be remembered for his ultimate sacrifice.  
SRT-1 and team operators pictured here were taken at "Pearson Park" located in Kinston, NC.  The park was renamed to honor Pearson after his death for his dedication to protecting his community.  This park annually holds the "Sand in the Streets" concert series and the Festival on the Neuse and Wil King Hog Happenin" which is the largest BBQ festival in North Carolina.


Lt. Chris Jenkins

SRT Team Commander

(252) 559-6100


Detective R. Allen Pearson Jr.

LC-105         SRT Senoir Operator



April 8, 2009



130 South Queen Street

Post Office Box 3289
Kinston, NC 28502

Telephone:       252-559-6100
Main Fax:         252-527-3854

Detention Fax: 252-527-5022

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