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Are you tired of living in a high crime area? 
Do you want to keep crime away from your residence?


Community Watch, Neighborhood Watch, Block Watch, Town Watch, Crime Watch - whatever the name, its one of the most effective and least costly ways to prevent crime and reduce fear.  A community watch fights the isolation that crime both creates and feeds upon.  It forges bonds among area residents, helps reduce burglaries and robberies and improves relations between police and the communities they serve.  
The LCSO has helped to organize over 10 watch groups in Lenoir County neighborhoods and communities.  Our Lenoir County Watch Groups have worked with the Community Crime Reduction Team to help reduce, and in some cases, eliminate crime in their areas. 



The ABC's of Community Watch


  • Any community resident can join - young and old, single and married, renter and home owner.


  • A few concerned residents, or a community organization, can spearhead the effort to organize a Watch.


  • Members learn how to make their homes more secure, watch out for each other and the neighborhood and report activities that raise their suspicions to the police.


  • You can form a watch group around any geographical unit: a block, apartment community, park, business area, public housing complex or office.


  • Watch groups are not vigilantes.  They are the extra eyes and ears for reporting crime and helping neighbors.  Community Watch helps build pride and serves as a springboard for efforts that address community concerns such as recreation for youth, child care and affordable housing.

Do you want to start a Community Watch Group in your area?

All it takes for a community watch group to start in your area is for you to talk with you neighbors, set up a meeting location with date and time and WE will do the rest.  We have assisted residents with starting watch groups on area with 6 houses up to large communites with 300 + houses.  It does not matter to us about the size.....we only want your desire to live in a crime ridden safe area.


If you are interested in learning more about community watch or you are ready to start a Community Watch Group, all you have to do is contact one of your Community Crime Reduction Team deputies.  You can contact Sgt. Chris Jenkins, Dep. Dwight Curington or Dep. Justin Gorman by phone (252) 559-6100 ext. 6166.  One of these deputies will give you some insite on how to start a watch group and if you are ready, take you through the entire process.  We will train you on your duties as a member of your watch group. 


If you are ready to start you watch group, follow these simple steps:


  • Talk with your friends and neighbors who live around you to determine their interests about forming a watch group.  If you have a large area, we will even create an area specific flyer for your community and pass them out for you.


  • Call or email one of the deputes listed and they will help you through these simple steps of beginning your own watch group.


  • Determine a time and place that we can meet your neighbors.  We will bring the projector so everyone can see. 


  • WE WILL DO THE REST.  Our CCRT deputies are specially trained to teach you about a community watch.  They will give a one hour presentation on the Community Watch Basics and help you start your group.

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