The Sheriff is the ONLY official authorized by law to issue a pistol permit.  Our office is in the process of building an online application program to save you time and provide a more convenient process to allow you to apply for a permit online. 


Did you know that by law, you must have a pistol permit to sell a handgun to another individual.  Before you sell any of your personal guns to another person, you must require the buyer to present and turn over their pistol permit.  This will ensure you are not selling a gun to a convicted felon or person not authorized to possess a gun.  We also suggest that you prepare a bill of sale with the buyers information to keep for your records in the event of a future incident involving the firearm.


Currently, if you are interested in obtaining a Pistol Permit to buy a handgun, you must come to the Lenoir County Sheriff's Office Records Division located at 130 S. Queen Street in Kinston.  Our office is open Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  You must bring a valid NC Driver License or NC Identification Card with you.  Your driver license or ID must have your current address on it.  Any driver license or ID card that does not have your current address will not be processed. 


The fee for a pistol permit is $10.00.  You must bring cash to complete this transaction.  We currently do not accept credit/debit cards or checks.   All processing fees taken for pistol permits are non-refundable.  A pistol permit allows you to purchase up to 2 pistols.


The Sheriff has been given discretionary approval by the North Carolina General Statutes when considering pistol permits.   The Lenoir County Sheriff's Office will not issue any pistol permit to anyone for reasons including, but not limited to the following:


  •      Falsifies any answer on the application

  •      Has been convicted of a DWI within the last three years of the application date

  •      Has been convicted of a drug offense within the last three years of the application date

  •      Has been convicted of an assault charge within the last three years of the application date

  •      Has a criminal history that shows the person is not of good moral character



If you have questions regarding the application for a pistol permit, please feel free to contact us at (252) 559-6100.