The Sheriff is the ONLY official authorized by law to issue a Concealed Weapons Permit.  Our office is in the process of building an online application program to save you time and provide a more convenient process to allow you to apply for a permit online. 


Did you know that by law, you must have a pistol permit to sell a handgun to another individual.  Before you sell any of your personal guns to another person, you must require the buyer to present and turn over their pistol permit.  This will ensure you are not selling a gun to a convicted felon or person not authorized to possess a gun.  We also suggest that you prepare a bill of sale with the buyers information to keep for your records in the event of a future incident involving the firearm.


Currently, if you are interested in obtaining a Concealed Weapons Permit, you must come to the Lenoir County Sheriff's Office Records Division located at 130 S. Queen Street in Kinston.  Our office is open Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  You must bring a valid NC Driver License or NC Identification Card with you.  Your driver license or ID must have your current address on it.  Any driver license or ID card that does not have your current address will not be processed. 


The fee for a pistol permit is $100.00.  You must bring cash to complete this transaction.  We currently do not accept credit/debit cards or checks.   All processing fees taken for pistol permits are non-refundable. 


Based upon NC General Statute, the Lenoir County Sheriff's Office will not issue a concealed carry permit to anyone for reasons including, but not limited to:


  •      Any false answer on the application

  •      Has any of the following Disqualifying Criminal Offenses on their criminal record:

                   Conviction of any Assault under Artical 8 of Chapter 14 of General Statutes

                   Conviction of Harrassment of and communication with jurors 14-225.2

                   Violating Court Orders 14-226.1

                   Furnishing poison, controlled substances, dangerous weapons, ammunition or alcoholic beverages to 

                          inmates of charitable, mental or penal institutions of local confinement facilities 14-258.1

                  Conviction of Weapons on campus or other educational property 14-269.2

                  Weapons on State property and in courthouses 14-269.4

                  Possesson and sale of spring loaded knives 14-269.6

                  Impersonation of fireman or emergency medical personnel 14-276.1

                  Impersonation of Law Enforcement or other public officer 14-277

                  Communicating threats 14-277.1

                  Weapons at parades 14-277.2

                  Stalking 14-277.3

                  Throwing, dropping, etc. objects at sporting events 14-281.1

                  Exploding dynamite cartidridges and bombs 14-283

                  Riot, inciting to riot 14-288.2

                  Disorderly Conduct - fighting 14-288.4 (a)(1)

                  Disorderly Conduct - Making utterance, gesture etc. intended to provoke retaliation 14-288.4 (a)(2)

                  Looting, trespass during emergency 14-288.6

                  Assault on Emergency Personnel 14-288.9

                  Violation of municipal ordinance during emergency 14-288.12

                  Violation of county ordinace during emergency 14-288.13

                  Violation of proclamation of chairman of county commissioners extending emergency restrictions imposed

                           in municipality 14-288.14

                  Child Abuse 14-318.2

                  Violation of concealed handgun law 14-415.21(b)

  •     Is a fugitive from justice

  •     Is an unlawful user of or addicted to marijuana, alcohol, depressant, stimulant or any narcotic drub or any other

                  controlled substance

  •     Has been discharged from the armed forces under conditions other than honorable

  •     Is free on bond for any pending trial, appeal or sentencing of a crime that would disqualify them from obtaining

                  obtaining a concealed handgun permit

  •      Has been convicted of a DWI within three years of the date of the application

  •      Is currently or previously been adjudicated or adminstratively determined to be lacking mental capacity or

                  mentally ill


If you have questions regarding the application for a concealed carry permit, please feel free to contact us at (252) 559-6100.


130 South Queen Street

Post Office Box 3289
Kinston, NC 28502

Telephone:       252-559-6100
Main Fax:         252-527-3854

Detention Fax: 252-527-5022

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